Mike P. is a New York City-based visual artist and former graffiti artist known for his clean technique, confident style and playful depictions of quintessential New York people, places and scenes. Originally from Boston, he has been drawing since childhood and began using spray paint in 2000 after spending years observing graffiti on train tracks and under bridges in his Boston neighborhood. While he has always cited classic east coast graffiti as well as African textiles and contemporary artists like Keith Haring and Robert Crumb among his influences, Mikes gritty aesthetic and clever renderings of irreverent subject matter are entirely his own. He works confidently in a wide range of mediums with a specialization in pen-and-ink illustration and colorful large-scale aerosol murals. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries (and on walls) in cities throughout North America, Canada, Western Europe, Southern Africa and the West Indies.




To book this artist for a graffiti/street art project, please call 646-801-6024 or email