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Graffiti USA offers some of the top graffiti & street artists for hire in the Denver, Colorado area.  We also work in nearby cities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins & Lakewood.  We have worked on past mural projects as advertisements, office decor, team building workshops and commercial/residential installations.  Our local artists have years of experience and understand how to make our clients’ visions come to life!  Check out some examples of artwork in Denver below.

Custom Mural Canvas by local artist Voice:

Denver Mural Design by Voice

Adult Swim Advertisement for Childrens Hospital by local artist Jolt:

Jolt Denver Colorado Advertisement Mural

PBR Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Famous Graffiti Artist Jolt

Pax Advertisement Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Pax Ad Mural by Jolt in Colorado

Graffiti Collage by Jolt:

Jolt Graffiti Letters Collage - Colorado

Inspire Mural by Chris Haven:

Graffiti Design by Haven in CO

Wheat Paste Street Art Installations:

Wheat Paste Artist in Denver

Steve Jobs Mural Portrait by Haven:

Appel Steve Jobs Mural in Denver

For project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024