Graffiti USA’s Delaware mural company replicated another “YES” design provided to us at Mod Pizza! This time, we installed the mural within their restaurant at the University of Delaware.

This project was a bit tricky, since we needed to cover multiple surface levels and work around a pipe. In addition, the artwork required a distressed look and feel to it. Because of these limitations, the best Delaware graffiti artists around decided to use color only as a highlight.

The line work in this mural relied on the cursive style of the word “YES”. Therefore, we used flag, feather, and wave motifs to keep the mural consistent from one side of the wall to the other.

Our university mural artist pulled off an amazing job, despite the obstacles. As usual, the client was very happy with what we came up with. The state may be small, but if this Delaware mural company is able to make an impression on campus, it’s a major step forward in building a strong reputation for many future projects to come.

Several pictures of the mural are available for viewing below. If you like what you see, and you have a project you would like to try and complete in the state of Delaware, give Graffiti USA a shout-out!

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