Brooklyn sign painter for hire.  We recently worked on a new mural for Action Bronson‘s show “F*ck That’s Delicious” that airs on Vice Munchies.  Special thank you to Sweet Chick in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the wall space and hospitality!  This was a rare job  for us where we mixed spray paint and brush work to get the font work looking crispy!  In addition, we kept hearing from random people passing by that this was one of their favorite online shows at the moment.  Photos of the work and video trailer for the show below:

Brooklyn Sign Painter for Action Bronson Show

Firstly, we created the design to fi the scale of the wall space. Secondly, we prepared traditional pounce patterns of the design.  Thirdly, we transfered the outlines of the lettering onto the wall with chalk.  Finally, we hand painted the lettering with a mix of brush and spray paint.

Brooklyn Sign Painter Mural for Vice

We were honored to work on this project because it was one of our favorite shows on TV right now.  In addition, we are actually close friends with Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren.  Even the videographer who worked on the show was a good friend of ours.  As a result, it’s been a pleasure to see all of their success in the venture.  Also, who doesn’t love food?

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