Portland graffiti artists for hire through our Oregon street art company. Our Portland street artists are available for large scale commission murals throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a PNW mural company with graffiti roots, we create custom interior wall murals as well as outdoor murals. In addition to permanent mural installations, we provide live artists and artwork for events and activations. While we started in the birth home of graffiti in New York City, some of our project management team has a physical presence based in Portland. We are passionate about the graffiti culture. Our company is owned and run by graffiti artists that give back to the community through a yearly Klughaus scholarship. Our first recipient of this award was actually an art student based in Portland, OR!

Portland Graffiti Artist for Hire - Oregon Office Mural

Portland Graffiti Artist Paints Office Mural

When it comes to graffiti and street art in Portland, we work with the best interior mural artists around. Firstly, we talk about your project goals and get an idea of the size of the wall space. Secondly, we give you an estimate based on the level of detail and coverage. Thirdly, once the project is signed off, we begin our sketch/design process. Finally, when the artwork is approved we schedule an installation of the artwork.

Portland Graffiti Artist – Mural Process

Most of our projects have about a 3-4 week lead time but we can turnaround rush projects as well. We understand the nature of the industry and unlike specific mural artists, we can accommodate rush timelines. We have a team of skilled Portland graffiti artists and designers that can tackle all kinds of requests with visual solutions. Our job is to help make your vision come to life and also consult in the design process. With our experience of painting thousands of murals, we know what works the best to help achieve your goals. While art is subjective by nature, we want you to get a return on your investment.

Public art is very important. Most of the artists creating large scale Portland murals have roots in graffiti and street art. As a result, we are able to incorporate elements of the community and culture in a way that is more unique. The spray paint aesthetic lends well to imagery of local landmarks like Powell’s Books and Burnside Skate Park. It also works with just keeping Portland weird in general! We have done a lot of public and private commission murals that are outdoors.

Corporate Office Murals in Portland

While our Portland graffiti artists use spray paint for most of our Portland murals, we also have the ability to use brush applications. As a result, we are very flexible with the different styles of artwork that we can paint. As a matter of fact, we actually paint more interior murals than outdoor murals. This may seem strange for a graffiti artist, but we go above and beyond when protecting office spaces for art installations.

Portland Street Artist Nature Mural for Office Space

Live Graffiti Artists for Portland Events

When it comes to live events, we have you covered with plenty of Portland graffiti artists to choose from. In addition to live art, we also have the capability of a fabrication team to provide temporary wall solutions or custom build outs. Our live art events are based on the size of the wall canvas and what can be accomplished within 8 hours. Some of the artwork is prepared prior to the live event so that we can finish the artwork live. Furthermore, we also offer interactive coloring walls and giveaway walls that break down into individual pieces.

Portland Street Art Workshops – Team Building

One of the most unique services that we offer are street art workshops in Portland hosted by famous graffiti artists. Firstly, we need to know how many participants are involved along with the footprint of the venue space we have to work with. Secondly, we can do either individual canvas lessons or team building competitions. Thirdly, our experienced Portland graffiti artist host will give a lesson about using spray paint. Finally, we let you become the artist to create a piece with our guidance. These are wonderful and unique corporate team building ideas that will make an impact with your employees!

Rooftop Graffiti Art Competition in Boston, MA

Graffiti Workshop

Luxury Residential Mural and Graffiti Installations

While we typically don’t entertain one-off bedroom graffiti murals in Portland, we have worked with interior designers and architects in the past. For these projects, we are usually installing the murals in high end luxury residences. As a result, we are extremely careful with leaving everything exactly as we found it after the work is completed. We protect the space very carefully and respect your property. We have also painted graffiti art on the exterior of residences as well.

Seattle Street Art Mural

Custom Fabrication and Build Outs for Activations and Events

Custom builds and fabrication projects are also something we can offer in addition to Portland graffiti artists for hire. Our street artists come from a DIY background. Our artists have evolved into experienced carpenters and fabricators that can build clean, professional looking sets and walls. If you look through our fabrication portfolio, you will see all the different custom build we have done in the past. As a result, we are a one stop shop solution for all your event needs!

fabrication and build - graffiti

Production Graffiti Artists – Film, TV, Commercial

We provide top graffiti artist talent for commercials, films and movies. These artists are comfortable with speaking and talking about their graffiti artwork in front of cameras. As a result, the local Portland artists usually have ties to the community which make them an icon for the younger generation as well. We are always about passing on the torch to the next generation of graffiti and street artists.

Portland Mural Artist - Gap

Gap Commercial featuring Portland Graffiti Artist

Near Portland in Seattle, we worked on a project creating custom interactive canvases for the Special Olympics that came into town. Our fabrication team built these freestanding walls to be interactive with the public. Our local Portland artists painted custom pieces in their unique style to the client’s direction of the artwork.

Seattle Mural Company

Graffiti Artist Owned and Operated Portland Mural Company

We are a street art company formed by Portland graffiti artists.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on the ability to create realistic murals with spray paint. This type of realistic graffiti art often impresses the public. Our goal is to educate people that spray paint is just another medium like a paint brush or airbrush. We use specialized tools like nozzles and stencil caps to create very fine lines and detail that wasn’t possible in the past. As a result, there are specialized paint companies that make low pressure spray paint for artwork.

On top of designing murals in house, we actually work on featured artists projects through our parent company Klughaus. The process of these types of projects include connecting clients w/ Portland graffiti artists that fit their aesthetics and goals. In addition to Portland graffiti artists, we work with a huge roster of artists throughout the Pacific Northwest and all down the West Coast.

Our project management team at Graffiti USA consists of graffiti artists, mural artists, street artists and project managers with architect backgrounds. As a result, our well versed team can help you make your vision a reality. Furthermore, we have many years of experience when it comes to managing mural projects. Clients are often appreciative of all the different scenarios we bring up that they never thought of. Our in house production team is fully insured and  OSHA certified when required. We consider ourselves to be experts in what we do as one the original Portland graffiti companies out there. We are passionate about the graffiti subculture and want to push the culture to the next level.

Contact us with your Portland Graffiti Artist for Hire Request

In conclusion, if you are looking to work with the best graffiti artists in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, we are the number one mural country with resources across the country. Our local knowledge and network of talented artists keep clients coming back again and again! If you are ready to work together on a graffiti or mural project email us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024