Los Angeles graffiti artist for hire specializing in both interior and exterior painted murals. Our LA street artists use everything from spray paint to brush for custom mural installations. In addition, we are able to provide services ranging from live events to workshops that involve graffiti and street art. As a result, we are a one stop shop when it comes to murals and graffiti art in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Graffiti Artist for Hire

Santa Monica x Bloomingdale’s Graffiti Mural Project

Our company has project managers and professional graffiti artists based in LA with years of experience. Our client testimonials say it all for us! Furthermore, we own and run our agency as graffiti artists ourselves. As a result, we are passionate about our craft and only deliver the best quality work in the SoCal area.

Importance of Communication

We pride ourselves in how we handle LA graffiti projects with efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, we are able to turn around rush projects time and time again. We are clear with communication and adhere to timelines for every project. For instance, when working directly with graffiti artists, there are a lot of unpredictable factors. However, through our graffiti company we are able to keep projects on schedule.

Since we work with such a large roster of Los Angeles graffiti artists for hire, there is never a shortage of artists for quick projects. Therefore, if an artist has an emergency, we guarantee backup artists or will personally fly out to complete a project ourselves. We strive for client satisfaction as the best and original graffiti company in the United States.

Past Los Angles Graffiti Artist for Hire Projects

We designed and painted a graffiti mural in a new Santa Monica corporate office space.  The beach vibes of this piece were strong at Nvidia Lightspeed Studios in LA. The client wanted artwork that sharply identified their location in California. With that said, we worked with the client feedback to create a cohesive piece by our Los Angeles graffiti artists for hire.

Los Angeles Corporate Office Mural

We designed the mural below with our local Los Angeles graffiti artist.  In addition, it was painted outdoors in Venice for a collaboration with Netflix.  We promoted the show Orange is The New Black with this outdoor mural advertisement.  Furthermore, while this was a graffiti design, the actual artwork was painted with brush.

Los Angeles Portrait Mural in Venice

We worked with Taboola in the past to paint several murals in their New York office.  Recently, we had the opportunity paint their DTLA office.  Our Los Angeles graffiti artists created a series of SoCal themed artworks for their walls.

Tabool Office Graffiti in DTLA

Taboo Mural in DTLA

Here’s another wall mural advertisement painted for the LA Dodgers near Korea Town.  We attracted the attention of tons of local baseball fans.  As a result, even the news showed up to do a story about the artwork!

News Van for MLB Graffiti Mural

LA Dodgers Graffiti Mural

In conclusion, we provide Los Angeles graffiti artists for hire for all kinds of situations.  We are able to create artwork for everything from corporate offices to temporary events.  If you are interested in working with us in LA on a graffiti mural project, e-mail art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024.