Graffiti USA made another mural for Mod Pizza’s location in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Restaurant mural art in Wisconsin is quickly becoming a trend, thanks to sign painters and mural artists in the state!

This project involved painting a colorful”Heart Hands” design, which the client provided. In addition, we hand painted some signage and lettering throughout the store. Because we worked on a white background on brick, we decided to go a little crazy with the colors. All the colors of the rainbow are present here in this signage!

We were also blessed by the menu on the left-center, for it allowed us to extend the work towards the lower-left hand corner of the wall. Not only does the eye move from left to right while you’re at the counter, but you can also imagine the mural extending beyond the right edge of the wall to the exterior right outside the window!

Graffiti USA works with local Wisconsin and Midwest artists and connects them with brands and companies. Our artists’ abilities range from traditional sign painters to large scale spray paint applications by Wisconsin’s best graffiti artists. The end result is that we produce some of the best restaurant mural art in Wisconsin, and throughout the Great Lakes region.

Check out some photos from the Wisconsin mural installation below! Also, don’t forget to make use of our contact info if you want a piece of stellar artwork for yourself!

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