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Chicago Graffiti Artist for Hire – Mural Company

One of our biggest markets with local artists and clients is Chicago, IL. We have local artists available for all kinds of commission work. We have done past projects everywhere from downtown to Logan Square to nearby areas like Naperville. Some of the products we offer include interior and exterior street art installations, live painting for events, interactive workshops and commercial/residential murals as well. Check out some examples of past jobs in the Chicago area.

A mural for Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square in Chicago

chicago graffiti artist for hire

Live event for Kargo at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken where we built a phone case wall that people could take away as gifts after the event!

kargo holiday party graffiti

Live artwork for Shea Moisture at a pop-up convention/event in Chicago, IL

Chicago Mural Artist For Hire

A Mural by a local Chicago graffiti artist for the national A Tribe Called Quest album release promotion.

A Tribe Called Quest Graffiti - Epic Records - Amuse126

Various murals for local businesses in Chicago, IL

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

For project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024

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