Las Vegas graffiti artist creates street art at Fashion Show LV. We worked directly with Champion and a local graffiti artist to create a Las Vegas themed mural.  Our graffiti artist designed the artwork for Champion’s new store location in the mall.  The goal of the mural was to help jump start their grand opening with a tie to a local artist. In addition, we wanted to bring store guests back into a creative space for their new live customization booth.

Our artist’s playful and recognizable caricatures got the client stoked about the collaboration.  As a result, we designed his characters decked out in Champion gear. Our artist nailed the design it right off the bat.   With that said, he stayed true to his own style while naturally tying in the Champion brand. Furthermore, he helped consult on which patches and apparel to include into the piece.

We painted the mural at the Las Vegas store location about a week prior to the opening.  Furthermore, we printed the design onto t-shirts and totes live along with limited edition posters for sale. In addition, the artist was on site for the grand opening event, signing merchandise and engaging with locals.  In conclusion, we look forward to working with Champion again on more collaborative projects!

Our company is the experts when it comes to street art in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We have a roster of hundreds of authentic artists that we work with on the west coast and throughout the Southwest. If you would like co collaborate with us on a project featuring a Las Vegas graffiti artist, contact or call us at 646-801-6024

Photos of Las Vegas Graffiti Art

Champion Las Vegas Graffiti Mural

The local graffiti artist SPEN1 signing custom printed tote bags with the mural design.

Here’s one of the employees wearing one of the t-shirts w/ the graffiti design on the back.