If you need to find a San Diego Graffiti Artist for Hire, Graffiti USA has you covered! We are a graffiti and street art company based out of San Diego, specializing in business signage, live art events, interior/exterior design, and more! These photos are artworks in the San Diego area, completed by us in recent months.

First, there is this rather austere outdoor mural design. We decided to use royal blue, aquamarine, and black as the three primary colors. However, orange and pink act as accents to bring out the butterfly figures more in the frame. These are popular colors for our San Diego street artists, because you can see the same color scheme in the next few photos.

San Diego State University’s (SDSU) student apartments, Iconic on Alvarado, wanted us to create some indoor graffiti art for their leasing offices. During the painting process, we decided to combine nature imagery with urban patterns in a colorful context. Consequently, this rather large project turned into one of our favorites this year!

The theme continues with our “Greetings From San Diego” exterior wall art. Over the blue and pink background are a few images of local attractions, found within the text. A local ballet troupe was kind enough to pose in front of this mural for us! If you see a performance in town, give them our regards.

Last but not least, we created a wheatpaste mural, which combines photographic imagery with hand drawn art elements. All of these artworks were created by a San Diego Graffiti Artist for Hire, which means you can commission their services if you so choose! If you want to learn more about our graffiti and street art, contact us today for a consultation.

Mural Artist San Diego

San Diego interior wall art

San Diego street art interiors

Iconic on Alvarado

Monty Montgomery San Diego Graffiti Artist