Atlanta graffiti art came to accounting firm Bennett Thrasher, thanks to Graffiti USA’s expert team of spray artists!

Bennett Thrasher has a series of large windows in a slightly narrow, underused conference room that overlooks Greater Atlanta. It was already a room with a view, and an amazing one at that. But the client wanted the room to BE the view. So they called us, requesting a mural that complemented the wonderful view, enhanced the sense of place, and paid tribute to the city. That said, they wanted all that without competing against the city beyond the glass. In short: the art had to catch the eye, but not distract it from Atlanta herself.

We knew that our client contact highly enjoyed a previous piece we had completed for them — also deeply entrenched in Atlanta — over at Ignition One. This piece was mostly grey with touches of color, so we figured something similar would meet with enthusiastic approval.

With that in mind, we devised a solution: a multi-scale, tonal background collage of instantly recognizable city references. We interwove these nods to the client’s beloved Atlanta with graffiti lettering in Bennett Thrasher’s blue and gold brand-approved colors.

Approval was immediate and excited, as we anticipated. It’s always a great feeling when creative feedback includes instructions like “more graffiti”. You don’t hear that kind of request every day, especially from an accounting firm. But hey, we’ll certainly take it!

Check out our artwork below, and if you’re ever visiting the Bennett Thrasher office, don’t forget to check out the room with a view!

atlanta graffiti

atlanta graffiti art

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