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Graffiti Workshops & Street Art Team Building

Graffiti workshops bring your team together in a unique experience. Have your group get out of their day to day and provide them with a bonding experience. Our team of graffiti and street artists have experience engaging both groups and individuals. We will walk participants through live demonstrations and tutorials.

We offer collaborative, competitive, or individual workshops. Your team will have the opportunity to solve problems together with options to rate team performance on the success of teams, effectiveness of teams, and their unique creativity.

Group Collaborations

We will work with you to develop a creative concept that is outlined on the canvas prior to the workshop. Participants will learn tips and tricks to using spray paint. After the tutorial the groups work on coloring the large mural together. We also can create a competitive element through a friendly Graffiti Battle!

Individual Workshops

Every individual is provided a small tabletop easel and canvas. Participants are supplied with spray paint and stencil making materials. Our hosts will teach the use of spray paint and creating hand cut stencils. It will be a custom design with their own name to stay true to the roots of graffiti. Each participant will be able to take home their piece.