We worked on this local mural artist campaign with Boost Mobile. Above all, the project was to feature a few artists in different cities for their Wall Sessions series.

For instance, it was our goal for each local artist to paint a mural integrating the community at their local Boost Mobile store. Each artist took their own unique style, and they applied it to the client’s concept. Then, they painted those designs on the exterior wall of the Boost Mobile store, so the community could enjoy it!

Each artist worked in their own style, which gave the series a lot of variety in content, style and technique. It was fun to see how each artist interpreted their community for this Local Mural Artist Campaign. Overall, the client and community were thrilled with the outcome!

In conclusion, for this local mural artist campaign we selected artists: Itse, Max Collins and Glossblack for the job. First, Itse applied their more traditional graffiti lettering with bold imagery to the design. Second, Max Collins took a photorealistic route with a portrait. Thirdly, Glossblack hand fun with his three dimensional letters. Additionally, all artists included the Wall Sessions series slogan, “Where you at?” in one way or another.

Local Mural Artist Campaign Videos and Photos

To sum it up, a video of the campaign was also created by local videographers. Check out the videos and photos below:

ITSE in Birmingham, AL
Video: Luis Descartes
Mural Location: Cellular Express | 7817 Crestwood Blvd. | Birmingham, AL

Alabama graffiti artist for hire

MAX COLLINS in Buffalo, NY
Video: Rhyson Hall
Mural Location: Lucky Wireless | 827 Broadway | Buffalo, NY

buffalo ny street artist for hire

Local Mural Artist Campaign - Buffalo Street Artist Photographer

GLOSS BLACK in Morristown, NJ
Video: Serringe
Mural Location: Dazzle Associates | 90 Speedwell Ave. | Morristown, NJ

Local Mural Artist Campaign- NJ Street Artist

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