Cleveland mural artists were hard at work making stellar street art for Ohio’s communities this year. Graffiti USA specializes in interior mural art and outdoor wall art, useful for business signage, community engagement, and more!

The first two images are exterior murals which advertise Ohio’s cities. “Greetings From Cleveland” focuses on the city’s famous buildings, as well as its various sports teams. Meanwhile, “Greetings From Canton” focuses on historical figures and performing arts centers in the area. The concept may be simple, but it does kickstart the love many people have for the city.

Some businesses want indoor artwork created in different styles. The third photo displays an art style that many . However, the image that follows is quite different. CrossFit commissioned something very simple for their gym. By focusing on the values of Crossfit’s exercise program, Cleveland street artists created exactly the result their client needed.

Finally, we created a mural for a picnic area in town. Case Western Reserve University students love studying outside, so we did them a service with this piece of wall art. Some of our Cleveland graffiti artists especially love the Spartans mascot in the upper-right!

These may be the highlights of the work we did this year, but we don’t intend to stop there! Cleveland mural artists are now available for consultations for the months ahead. Graffiti USA can complete commissioned art on location, or in our own workspace. If you want business signage, indoor office murals, exterior wall art, or something else for a live art event, contact us today! We can be reached by phone or by email – whatever your preference may be.

Ohio Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Canton Akron Mural Company

Cleveland Graffiti Artist - 3

Ohio Crossfit Gym Graffiti Mural Route 250

Case Western Reserve University Graffiti Mural