Graffiti, Street Art & Mural Services

Graffiti USA is an national graffiti art company that offers many types of services & products related to graffiti and street art. Below are descriptions of of some of the more popular projects that our company can help you with. If you need a quick turnaround on a project, our mural consultants can guide you towards a solution that works best for you.

Interior Corporate Office Murals

Graffiti USA’s mural services specialize in bringing corporate office spaces to life through elaborate and dynamic mural paintings. These are created by a team of talented graffiti and street artists. Give your corporate office a facelift and provide your employees with a creative and inspiring atmosphere. Whether it’s for a new office space or a long-standing location, our graffiti consultants provide beautiful designs for your next mural.

Live Art for Events & Activations

Add a live art installment to your next event to obtain greater attention from an engaged audience. Our artists and fabricators can design and assemble temporary wall structures for any indoor or outdoor venue. Street art consultants can give you the ideas you need to transform a nightclub, convention, festival, promotional event, even a business meeting into something remarkable. Live event artwork can include virtual reality, interactive sound murals triggered by touch, dynamic speed painting, personal product customization, and customized canvas giveaways.

Business Murals & Signage

Connect with your clients and your target audience through an authentic brand experience, provided by graffiti & street art. Whether it’s custom signage, classic sign painting, exterior logos, or interior graffiti wall décor, our team will create an environment that aligns with your brand aesthetic and your messaging.

Outdoor Murals

Graffiti USA’s best minds can be brought back to the roots of their trade working with large-scale spray painted murals for outdoor commercial artwork or small business promotion. With full insurance to work with scaffolding, as well as lifts that can help you create photo realistic replications or original graphic designs in large proportions, we offer the experience and quality you’re looking for.  We also have trucks available as a mobile canvas for your project!