Graffiti, Street Art & Mural Services

Graffiti USA is an national graffiti art company that offers many types of services & products related to graffiti and street art.  Below are descriptions of of some of the more popular projects that our company can help you with. Our commitment to clean work with quick turnarounds make us one of the the most reliable graffiti companies in the country.

Interior Corporate Office Murals

Graffiti USA specializes in bringing corporate office spaces to life through elaborate and dynamic mural paintings created by a team of talented graffiti artists & street artists. Give your corporate office a facelift and provide your employees a creative and inspiring atmosphere. Whether you’re designing a new office space or have been settled at a location for years, we provide seamless communication and beautiful wall murals.

Live Art for Events & Activations

Add a live art installment to your next event to create ultimate buzz and attention with an engaged audience. With a nimble team of artists and fabricators we can design and assemble temporary wall structures for any indoor or outdoor venue including nightclubs, conventions, festivals, promotional events and business meetings. Live event artwork can include virtual reality, interactive sound murals triggered by touch, dynamic speed painting, personal product customization, and customized canvas giveaways.

Business Murals & Signage

Connect with your customer and target audience through an authentic brand experience provided through graffiti & street art. Whether it’s custom signage, classic sign painting, exterior logos or interior graffiti wall décor; our team will create an environment that aligns with your brand aesthetic and message.

Outdoor Murals

Graffiti USA offers artists specialized in large-scale spray painted murals for outdoor commercial artwork or small business promotion. With full insurance to work with scaffolding & lifts to create photo realistic replications or original graphic designs in large proportions, we offer the experience and quality you’re looking for.  We also have trucks available as a mobile canvas for your project.

Team Building Workshops

Build on team moral and productivity with one of our team building workshops. Get your company involved through hosted street art competitions, team-based painted murals, local graffiti and street art tours, or historical panel discussions about graffiti art, graffiti photographers, historians and artists.

Workshop participation requires no artistic background or previous experience with graffiti or street art. We provide all necessary protective garments, safety materials and art supplies for on-site or third party venue locations.

Residential Murals

Bring more artwork into your daily life and home. Graffiti USA offers high-end residential mural paintings for private client’s bedroom, living room, children’s playroom, garage or bathroom. If you are not looking to paint directly on your walls, we offer artwork painted on large canvases or custom mural wallpaper installations.

Film, TV & Media Productions

Graffiti USA works with various clients to paint real-time murals during photo/video shoots to be featured in print, digital, social or TV spots. Whatever the project may be, brands and companies trust our expertise to pair the best artist for the job and deliver work within tight timelines.

Illustration & Design

We support every project, every step of the way. Our talented group of designers can transform initial ideas and concepts through multidisciplinary design and production to reach visual requirements and a remarkable finished product. It is through renewed thinking and a unique approach to design and problem solving that we have been recognized as one of the top national collective of graffiti & street artists.

Our design services include graphic design focusing on graffiti lettering, creating brand identity, advertising, logo packages, illustration, typography, flyers, posters, and clothing graphics.

Graffiti Lectures & Panel Discussions

Graffiti USA works with experienced graffiti & street artists hosts to provide lectures on the topic of graffiti history and culture. We also can moderate and host panel discussions on the topics of graffiti and street art. Some of the speakers we work with include documentarians, historians and old school artists appearing in classic films like Style Wars!