San Antonio mural artist hand paints locally inspired artwork for MOD Pizza restaurant. Our client wanted to incorporate the Texan community into the location’s atmosphere. As a result, we had our artist to do their own rendition of the city’s well known giant cowboy boots found at North Star Mall. In addition, we worked with the MOD team to adjust and tackle this very complex and intricate artwork.  The artwork consisted of of various ridged washers and wheels to create a pair of steampunk themed glasses.

San Antonio Mural Artist on Brick

Texas mural artist for hire

When painting murals on texture surfaces such as brick, we use spray paint to get the gradient effects.  Therefore, the spray paint helps get into the grooves of the mortar.  However, brush is also possible if working on a much smoother surface.

Hand Painted Mural in San Antonio

You can see the gradients of color behind the complex cogs.  As a result, these intricate murals means that mistakes were not forigiving!  We mixed spray paint and brush to get this effect.

Cowboy Boots Sign Painting

We added the MOD pizza slogan to some wood as well as the famous local Cowboy Boots.  Furtnermore, we painted many Texas restaurants in the past and provide a variety of styles.  Our San Antonio mural artist can help make your vision come to life.  If you can dream it, we can paint it!

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