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Murals for Corporate Offices

Most people don’t realize that Graffiti Arts specializes in painting graffiti art for corporate office interiors than exteriors. Creating a first impression for visitors is certainly within our power to give. However, a well-crafted office mural allows work environments to become more engaging and creative. As a result, productivity increases.

Our skills as artists give executives carte blanche for any design they desire. If they want brand-specific designs, we can examine logos, color schemes, and any other branded content. Afterward, we add our own stylistic flair to it, completing the project accordingly. Landscapes and cityscapes are also popular for public buildings, like libraries. Therefore, we hand-paint large scale murals for these areas, too.

We understand that clients are very concerned about the use of spray paint indoors. To address this, our experienced installation team goes above and beyond with our strict protective measures. There are many alternative options available if you need a controlled workspace. We can lay down soft plastic on our work area, then use stencils to control the spray. If that is not possible, that won’t be a problem! We can paint on large canvases off-site. All we need to do at that point is ship and install it on the wall you want it on. Regardless of the method, every space will be left exactly as we found it once the job is done.