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Aloha!  Graffiti USA has mural artists for hire in Hawaii.  Most of our artists are based on the island of Oahu in Honolulu but available for travel to the other islands including Maui, Kauai, and the Hawai’i (The Big Island.)  While many international artists pass through neighborhoods like Kakaako for colorful mural festivals, our local graffiti & street artists live on the island year round and offer a lot more insight into the art & culture of Hawaii.  As a result, we are able to create pieces that tell a deeper story.

Check out a huge 50 ft x 75 ft mural painted on the ground at ‘Alohilani Resort in the heart of Waikiki by Greetings Tour.  This mural is going to be visible from Google Earth satellite view!

Large Scale Floor Mural

You will notice that the prevailing theme of art in Hawaii consisting of palm trees, waves, surfing and floral patterns.  This can be seen from the tourist destinations of Waikiki all the way up to the North Shore.  Let us consult with your brand or company on creating unique artwork that still ties deeply into the history and culture of the natives islanders.  Due to the current effects of climate change, many of our Hawaiian artists are very conscious of the environment and eco-friendly themes are consistent in their artwork.

Hawaii Mural Artist for Hire
Hawaii Mural Company

With Honolulu being such a remote city, people are surprised that spray paint is very accessible for large scale mural projects.  This is the medium of choice for most of our projects but we are able to also work with other mediums such as brush, wheat paste, etc.  One of the reasons why graffiti and street art have been getting more popular in the Aloha state is because of the close ties to the rebellious surfing and skate culture.  In addition to the beautiful landscapes of mountains and oceans, it only makes sense to add some color & beautiful imagery to the buildings and walls.

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