The USA Games Special Olympics 2018 is taking place in Seattle, WA! Before the event, local AMP Agency inquired about our services. They wanted a local artist to create some interactive artwork in Seattle, which needed to do two things. First, it must provide photo opportunities. Second, and most important,it needed to drive attention to the event and sponsored partners like Amazon.

Our team of Pacific Northwest mural artists aided in the creation of four murals, which you can see in the photos below. Each were on display outdoors, across Amazon’s headquarters and South Lake Union. Each mural stayed true to the Seattle Special Olympics branding and their iconic torch logo.

To help encourage photo opportunities and social sharing, we created mural backdrops for guests to pose with. Additionally, the Seattle mural activation included face-in-hole cut out murals for guests to pose from behind. Not only did Amazon tie in local graffiti artists exceptionally well, but local restaurants offered special deals along with the event. All in all, the live artwork in Seattle acted as a great experience for everyone involved. We were honored to be part of this event.

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