Graffiti USA loves the beautiful state of Utah! Our status as Utah mural company has been expanding over the past few years. As a result, we can’t help but share a little bit of detail about our latest work there!

We did a project in 2017 with Mod Pizza, where the best Salt Lake City mural artists were put to the test. They hand painted painted a very intricate mandala on a brick wall just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. This exterior mural is located at the Mod Pizza branch by Fashion Place Mall in Murray City.

This may look tough to paint by hand, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve! Our artist used a traditional sign painting technique, called a pounce pattern. Have you seen a graffiti artist use stencils to create highly detailed work relatively quickly? A ounce pattern is just like that, except this technique dates back all the way to the Renaissance!

Because of some of the oldest tricks in the book, hand painting all the detailed triangle designs becomes much easier. The client was very happy with the clean results of this piece. As a Utah mural company, we could be happier with that kind of reaction.

Do you want to see what a Salt Lake Cuty mural artist can do for you? Contact Graffiti USA, because you will see their handiwork for yourself! Find our contact info at the bottom of the page, past the photos of the mandala design we made for Mod!

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