Phoenix Mural Artist for Hire. We worked with local graffiti & street artists to create multiple murals for the Amex corporate office in Tempe, AZ. We designed and painted 4 interior murals as part of this project. The client contacted us after they had a poor experience with another mural company. We were happy to help correct all of their previous issues and provide a fast and reliable solution with new murals.

Our design process started by asking the client what their goals were with the mural. In this case, they wanted to create a fun environment with color in an otherwise white box space. Next, we took their initial concepts and developed them to work successfully as a mural. We had a blast taking their fun ideas and telling a story with it through our artwork.

The main office mural would be painted in their open workspace across two long perpendicular walls. The idea was to show diversity and various industries through influential people in history. Our mural started with Jackie Robinson hitting a baseball into a black hole that Albert Einstein was casting. Amelia Earhart would be flying out of the other side of the black hole. On the adjoining wall, Frida Kahlo was painting the whole scene. We loved the challenge of piecing this all together with some abstract local elements.

Another challenge was installing this piece above the rows of desks against the wall in a functioning office. As a result, we designed the artwork to float above the desks so that furniture. This way, furniture could be moved around in the future and not affect the artwork.

Albert Einstein - Phoenix Interior Mural

Jackie Robinson Graffiti Mural

Amelia Earrhart & Frida Kahlo Mural

Automate Everything

The next part of this Phoenix mural project involved designing murals that lived within 3 separate conference rooms. Our design from the first conference room focused on the theme of Automation. We designed one of the client’s robot characters working in a factory building more robots. Therefore, it was quite the meta design. In addition, we pulled similar colors from the main wall to make the design flow.

Automate Everything Robot Mural in Phoenix

Space is the Place

The second conference room had the theme of space which tied into the black hole references in the main mural. For this design, we painted an astronaut in space that was reaching out to the viewer. In addition, our murals are all created with a mix of spray paint and brush. Furthermore, space happens to be a common street art theme in a lot of our public art murals, and we love it!

Astronaut Graffiti Street Art Mural

Tempe, Arizona

The last conference room consisted of a local Tempe skyline. Once agian, we utilized a similar color scheme to the main mural to tie it all together.  One of our specialties are skyline themed murals. We have painted a lot of these in the past in cities across the country for different projects.

Tempe AZ Skyline Graffiti Mural

It’s a Wrap!

In conclusion, this was a very smooth project thanks to the quick feedback from the client.  We’re honored to be able to collaborate and add some color to their everyday work environment.
If you are looking to work with a Phoenix mural artist for hire, send us an email at or call 646-801-6024