Travel and tourism art. Based in New York City, it’s always a pleasure to create a piece that really says “NEW YORK.”  We had the opportunity to create a graffiti mural for the new Expedia office in the Empire State Building. Using NYC elements and ideas provided by the client, we were able to create a custom piece. We really love the outcome of the final design.  Check out the installation below:

travel and tourism art - new york - expedia

Level of detail is something we consider when assessing a project. Detail level directly translates into artist hours. Pieces like this one almost become a series of mini murals inside the overall layout. Each mini mural can become a creative idea and also call for more detail than the larger work. The stories inside the letters that reinforce the travel and tourism art concept were pretty intricate here. The letters hold Humphrey Bogart in a New York Yankees fitted, Will Ferrell in Elf, the Restaurant signage from Seinfeld and why not also some Ninja Turtles for good measure. The select images from the eight million stories are all held together by checkerboard taxi yellow 3D drops.

ny graffiti agency

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