We installed a mandala hand painted mural in the Washington DC area. A Mod Pizza Restaurant in Riverdale Park, Maryland commissioned this artwork a little while ago. It looks like a simple design, but it took a fair amount of effort to complete!

We replicated a very detailed design, using a traditional sign painting method. After that, the dark background presented us with a challenge. Several coats of red kept the design as bold as humanly possible, however we needed to prevent the color from appearing too saturated. But in the end, we created a crispy final piece that pizza lovers in the DC area will certainly enjoy!

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Mod Pizza creative team on projects like this. As an example, not every company might be pleased with a colour scheme as simple as red on black. However, their desire for simplicity allowed us to create a product that fits in with their brand and what they do.

Check out more Maryland sign painting and Maryland mural art through Graffiti USA’s locations in DC and Baltimore. Find our contact information below the following pictures of our mandala hand painted mural project at Mod Pizza!

red on black mandala hand painted mural

mod pizza maryland mural

mandala hand painted maryland mural

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