Lil Wayne Weezyana Graffiti. We were stoked when Tidal reached out to us to help create custom artwork for a photo backdrop. Lil Wayne’s Weezyana Fest used the graffiti artwork in NOLA at Champion’s Square over the summer.

We collaborated and aligned with a local artist to turn the festival’s promotional poster into a large mural. This then gave festival attendees an opportunity to pose next to the art and share across their social media channels. Enlarging a cartoon version of young boy Lil Wayne and throwing in some diamonds and flying dollar bills, the client and guests were stoked on the outcome and lined up to document the moment.

All of the big names are here: Mercedes Superdome also Tidal & Weezyana. The paint is catching a nice glow from the Daiquiris counter near by.

A very Instagrammable spot next to baby lil Wayne. Making the diamonds and dollars levitate.

Just the dollars blowing around and the hashtags for this crew of concert goers. Baby Wayne not feeling the love in their pics I guess.

Baby Wayne getting all of the love here however. The above pic is also a nice detail shot showing the can control in the design we made for Tidal.