Graffiti USA’s Miami graffiti artists are busy soaking up the sun and livening up the art scene with brand new work! We decided to share some of that work with you, precisely because we take such pride in it.

Photorealistic street art is always a treat for our artists. This first image is a recreation of an Ava Gardner movie still, used for signage during an indoor art installation. However, the second image shows the process of photorealistic street art up close. Here, you can see one of our Miami street artists touching up on some of the minor details for an extreme closeup. Seen from a distance, both paintings appear to be ripped straight out of a photograph!

Miami graffiti artists are not beholden to one single style. We created a handpainted mandala mural for Mod Pizza in downtown Miami not too long ago! The two exterior wall murals below are less abstract, using superheroes and local wildlife as subjects.

Finally, the last two photos showcase our work during live art events and graffiti workshops in Miami. Here, you can see one of our artists handpainting a small canvas during Art Basel’s evening reception. Additionally, you can see how easy it is to make a fantastic piece of a graffiti art yourself, even if you have no experience in the artform. The final image shows an outlined template on the left, while the workshop members pose behind their finished version. We’re very proud of what they did at that workshop, and we hope their creativity here can be carried into their own professions and passions!

Miami street artists are keen to work with as many community members as they can! Contact Graffiti USA today by phone or email if you want our artwork for your place of business.

Moss Street Art - Plants

Mod Pizza Miami Street Art Mural

Sony Latin Mural - Romeo Santos

DeLonghi Graffiti USA

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