With Spring in full swing, Western Carolina University was looking to add some flavor to their campus event.  Our graffiti agency loves creating new types of art. As such, creating an all in one solution for a graffiti canvas giveaway wall mural sounded fantastic. Upon mural completion, the artwork broke down into multiple canvases used as giveaways.

As a solution, we built an interactive and engaging custom graffiti giveaway wall.  This artwork allowed each student to take home a unique spray painted mini-canvas of their choosing. First, we created a design of the WCU campus with graffiti lettering, trippy colors and dripping clouds. Then, the canvas, as a whole, was a great piece of artwork which broke into smaller pieces.  Finally, the miniature canvases the students selected were also individual pieces of abstract art.

In the past, we have done similar events. As mentioned, we love creating a large piece of artwork across multiple items.  Looking back, some of these graffiti canvas giveaway walls broke into cell phone cases, bandanas, and small canvases.  Of note, a graffiti wall is a fun and unique way to provide some swag. It’s helpful when there’s limited time to customize individual pieces. In the end, we love to come up with unique ideas for activations that leave a memorable experience for guests!

First, feel free to learn a little about Western Carolina University. To begin, Western Carolina University is a coeducational public university. It is located in North Carolina in Cullowhee. Many know it is the westernmost University in the University of North Carolina system. In addition, WCU is known for providing opportunities to residents in the state’s western region as well as to students from around the globe. Those attending love to explore the region’s vast natural diversity. Now, Western Carolina is teaching over 10,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs each year. See more at https://www.wcu.edu/

Second, here are photos of the creation of the project.

North Carolina graffiti giveaway wall by Graffiti Artist

North Carolina graffiti giveaway wall

North Carolina Mural Graffiti Wall in progress

Next, here are a few photos of the completed mural.

North Carolina Interactive Graffiti Wall

Finally, take a look at the mural in action.

North Carolina interactive art and mural graffiti wall

north carolina graffiti mural wall

north carolina graffiti canvas giveaway wall

Overall, we are happy with the outcome and results of this project. Now, we are looking forward to another opportunity to show off our Graffiti Artist’s skills in future projects. Finally, for project inquiries please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net. On the other hand, feel free to call 646-801-6024!