Colorful graffiti tags in heart-shaped hands and a giant peace sign became two decor focal points at MOD Pizza’s new Purcellville, VA location. Both murals were prominent, picture-worthy, and enhanced the space to fit the MOD theme. Our artist spray-painted on corrugated metal, and gave the designs an airbrushed feel, capturing a free-spirited ambiance of peace, love and pizza!

Check out a few other past Mod Pizza murals we have done including: Castro Valley (CA), Marana (AZ), Shelby Township (MI), San Antonio (TX) and many more in our portfolio.

“It’s all about Gratitude with Attitude. MOD Pizza is a business, but our real purpose is creating positive social impact in the lives of our employees and their communities. Yes, we make pizza, but our pizzamakes people.” (Mod Pizza)

Photos of the graffiti art work from the Purcellville store in the Washington DC area below.  Give us a shout if you are looking for a graffiti, street art or mural company in the area:

Virginia Graffiti Mural

VA Graffiti Artist for Hire

DC Mural Company

Virginia Graffiti Company

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