Aveda Salon Owners Conference is a major event that takes place in the Tampa Bay area. Happily, we decided to offer our services by creating live street art in Florida! Our live graffiti walls kept attendees engaged during the opening reception, as well as the fierce afterparty.

Guests mingled and reflected on the conference while sipping cocktails and admiring our artist’s handiwork. The fast pace and the raw medium of spray paint made for some of the best interactive live art the event has ever offered.

The client really wanted the artist to have fun with their own interpretation of Aveda. Graffiti for fashion events such as these do not require advance sketches for approval. Our artist freestyled everything, pulling energy from the audience and the conference’s environment. Later, influences came from Aveda’s haircare products, as well as their environmentally responsible products. The incorporation of key phrases from the Aveda mission statement in different lettering styles and branded colors acted as the coup de grace.

The client was in love with the outcome, auctioning off the artwork to guests at the end of the event. Graffiti USA is so happy to know that live street art in Florida is appreciated by Tampa Bay area patrons. Rest assured, we will try to do this again very soon!

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