Our St Louis mural artist for hire can help with live graffiti art for events. We partner with the top wall artists in Missouri who have roots as street artists. As a result, we have many years of experience with hand painted murals. We have an extensive portfolio of mural projects with many style of murals. Furthermore, our attention to detail brings clients back time and time again!

We recently worked with a St Louis law firm to provide live art for an event. Our client was looking to do a re-brand of their office management division from “Cordell Practice Management” to “Lexicon.” Therefore, we provided a solution to reveal their new name through a work of art at the company’s cocktail event.

Firstly, we highly recommended that artwork be prepared prior to the St Louis mural event.  Secondly, we setup the two small 4×5 canvases on stage. We completed one canvas prior to the event and left the second canvas about 90% completed. Thirdly, as our artist completed the artwork on stage, the attendees discovered the new branding direction in real time. Everyone was very happy with the final works of art that the client got to keep for their offices.

We worked on this project with a tight timeline and last minute additions. However, it was a pleasure to work with this St Louis client due to their level of professionalism and communication. In conclusion, we have no doubt they will bring their top notch management skills to their new brand, Lexicon.

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St Louis mural artists are available for all kind of custom artwork.  We only working with the best graffiti artists across the country that are extremely professional!  We have experience and a streamlined process to provide amazing interior office murals.  In addition, we paint everything from outdoor art advertisements to small business storefronts.  Furthermore, we offer corporate workshops for large groups as part of team building activations.  If interested in working on a St Louis mural project together, e-mail us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024.