Maryland Mural Artist. MAD Fitness reached out to the Graffiti USA team for a mural in their new space. They asked us to help liven the space by painting a mural in their Frederick, Maryland location. They wanted something powerful because it’s a gym. The mural artist painted a graffiti piece that was edgy and bold.

The mural has a grey scale brick pattern background. Naturally, the letters have a chrome effect that makes them pop. The exploding bricks gives the mural movement and energy. Our artist used some of his signature rendering techniques to really give the letters some life. The Maryland mural artist painted a piece just what the space called for.  And because so many people have asked, nope, the piece isn’t really breaking through the wall 😉

In conclusion, we can paint whatever you like. Make sure to also check out this piece by another mural artist. Along with this large scaled office mural in Washington D.C. What can be achieved with spray paint by our mural artist is impressive! We also painted a restaurant in a similar chrome lettering. We added some comic style letter bubbles for the client to add words into relating to the business & certain promotions.

Check out the Mad Fitness mural below!:

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Maryland Graffiti Art

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