Ford recently announced their plans to transform the long abandoned Michigan Central Station as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest for autonomous driving!  For the big announcement, we helped line up a group of artists to create some live art as the attendees arrived in on the morning of June 19, 2018 for this monumental event. “Ford threw a Detroit homecoming party at 11 a.m. to celebrate its purchase of the iconic Michigan Central Station on the western edge of Corktown. More than 5,000 people signed up.” (Source: Detroit Free Press)

We curated artists with strong Detroit roots who may have actually painted the interior of the iconic abandoned building in their youth.  The artists were extremely excited to create graffiti pieces with phrases like “Bringing Detroit Back” and “Welcome Home” giving their art a new meaning. Special thanks to Ford for supporting the local art community for this project.  Some of the artists we featured had many generations of family who worked at the Ford plant and even based their characters on vintage Ford vehicles.

Check out some images the artwork below featuring local artists: Michelle Tanguay, Jesse Kassel, Ghostbeard, Fudweiser and Samskee.

Ford Michigan Central Graffiti

Detroit Live Art Ford

Live Graffiti in Detroit

Live Street Art Detroit

Detroit Street Artist

Detroit Live Painting

Detroit Pride Graffiti

Detroit Mural Artist

Live Mural Artist in Detroit

Live Mural Art Detroit

Graffiti Artist in Detroit

Detroit Live Graffiti Artist

“Detroit’s Michigan Central Station has become a symbol of the Motor City’s decline. Since the last Amtrak train left on January 6, 1988, the massive station has sat abandoned, its neglected state reflecting that of downtown Detroit itself. But now Ford has acquired the complex, and plans to make it the center of a new downtown campus that will focus on development of autonomous and electric vehicles, as well as mobility services.” (Source: Digital Trends)

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