More than any other group of street artists, Orlando graffiti artists have the entire city as their canvas. Opportunities for scenic murals in local theme parks are numerous. Therefore, Graffiti USA’s artists are available to rise to the challenge whenever it arises.

Let’s begin by looking at this exterior mural art. “Greetings From Orlando” takes a simple four-tone background and applies a wide variety of details in the foreground. In each letter, you can see famous resorts like Epcot, as well as logos for Orlando sports teams.

The following image shows one of Orlando’s street artists layering handpainted details on top of a spray-painted mural. In fact, the entire mural has been painted by hand. The next photo shows none of the details above, and this is due to stencilwork. When an artist uses stencils, a solid sheet covers the entire canvas. This makes it easy for Orlando graffiti artists to spray paint over it and create immaculate results.

Wheatpaste murals are especially useful for street artists who want to create busy, high-detail interior artwork. In the fourth image, our artist took inspiration for fliers posted around town and used them to create the background for the mural.

Last but not least, Orlando graffiti artists are available to conduct art workshops for businesses in need of new teambuilding exercises! The final photo shows a student adding his personal touch to the mural the rest of his team has worked on.

Graffiti USA’s Orlando graffiti artists are getting ready to host live art events, as well as create scenic murals for the city’s theme parks! If their services interest you, contact Graffiti USA today. We are available via phone or email if you need details on a consultation.

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