Graffiti USA specializes in interior mural artists for hire. Our artists create large scale hand painted works of art. If you are looking to have a mural painted in an office, business or home we are the right ones for the job. Take a look at our online portfolio of past interior mural projects. As a company that works with a lot of graffiti and street artists, people are often surprised at how often we paint inside instead of outside.  Our artists are available for commissions from New York to Los Angeles and worldwide.

Interior Mural Artist - Combe Office in NY

Combe Interior Graffiti

Interior Mural Art – Preparing The Space

When it comes to interior murals, we go above and beyond to leave your space exactly as we found it. That is what differentiates us as a professional mural company. Firstly, we protect the floors, walls and ceilings with plastic and tape. Secondly, we cover everything that won’t get painted such as trim and outlet s. Thirdly, we setup a dust barrier to protect nearby space from overspray. Finally, we try to use non-toxic water based spray paint to keep the toxic fumes low. As a result, we are able to bring the dynamic aesthetic of spray paint into an indoor environment.

Interior Mural Artist - NYC Street Art Installation in Office

Interior Graffiti

Graffiti art taken from an urban environment and then placed into a clean, modern space is an amazing contrast. This is a form of contemporary art that can easily change the dynamics of a space. We have experience working with high end architects and some of the leading developers in the country. Many of our past clients continue to come back to us to commission more interior graffiti artists for projects year after year. If we look back at this time many years from now, we will see that this is a strong movement of modern art. Some of the biggest artist names today like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and OsGemeos all have roots in street art.

Restaurant Interior Mural

The Jones Mural

Designing a Custom Mural

We provide an option of working with a featured graffiti artist or working with our in-house design team. Our artists are very flexible to design murals in many different styles. We also have a wide range of talented artists who can produce everything from graphic images to photorealism.

Interior Street Art Mural Portrait

La Dama Restaurant Graffiti

If you are ready to hire an interior mural artist, email us at with a project inquiry or give us a ring at 646-801-6024.  We look forward to working with you to make your creative vision a reality!