Graffiti USA is a Mural Company in NYC, specializing in professional street art within all five boroughs. Over the past few months, our local graffiti artists completed many interesting projects. Some were for corporate offices, while others were for live events. In any case, we were proud to work on them, and we are proud of our clients who had faith in our work.

The first photo is of one of our largest projects. We renovated the entire floor with thematic interior office art, focusing on radio signals as the primary motif. It’s a fantastic design choice for clients who work in IT or customer service.

Underneath, this next artwork may appear incomplete. However, the client wanted us to show how color brings imagery to life. The top third of the canvas was all we colored in to prove their point.

Finally, we wouldn’t be a mural company in NYC without showing the city a lot of love. Whether we’re creating more office artwork, or exterior wall murals, local NYC artists do what they can to show what makes this town great.

Images 3 and 4 use very recognizable NYC-related imagery, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the “I Love NY” slogan. However, the final two images show what Graffiti USA can really do as a mural company in NYC. You can see one of our NYC graffiti artists working on an outdoor mural, as well as the various surfaces we work on.

NYC has a rich history of professional street art. If you want your next renovation project to be a part of that history, contact Graffiti USA today! We provide consultation services, as well as live art for events! Check out some more of our local graffiti art here. Office Mural in NYC

Office Mural - NYC

NYC Graffiti Mural Artist

Brooklyn Graffiti Artist NYC