Optical illusion mural artists for hire.  This art form is also known as Forced Perspective, Anamorphic and Trompe L’oeil.  The technique uses imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.  While this was originally a historic technique used in stage theater set design, it has found a recent application in graffiti, street art and murals.  Our optical illusion mural artists can create stunning designs that can be fun and interactive!

Optical Illusion Art – Optimal Viewing Angles

A lot of the amazing optical illusion 3D murals that you find online are only meant to be optimally viewed from one single perspective.  As a result, it works very well for events where you can direct viewers on where to stand for the best effect and photo moment. Hence, this is why the technique is also known as “forced perspective art.” When the artwork is viewed from other other angles, it could potentially be confusing to the viewer.  See an examples below that shows a optical illusion mural viewed from an optimal perspective and straight on.

Optical Illusion Floor Mural

Anamorphic Text Graffiti Mural

Spacial Mind Mending Art

As you can see, the images become warped and stretched at other angles that the artwork is not meant to be viewed from.  On the other hand, this can also create a cool abstract effect if desired!

See a video of our YES mural as we walk through the space it was painted in:

Optical Illusion Art – Viewed Straight On

For more obvious illusions without the need to direct viewers, it is recommended to design a mural with straight on optimal viewing.  This is still visually effective when viewing at slight angles although not technically correct.

straight on optical illusion

Incorporating cast shadows is another technique to create dimensional art.  However, if there are actual shadows cast on the wall throughout the day, it may result in a decreased effectiveness.

cast shadow murals

We can also implement warped perspectives for mind-bending distortion!  This would work best if using imagery of architectural elements or landscapes that would typically be in place of the canvas location.

Warped & Distorted Buildings

*Please note that not all examples of the murals above are Graffiti USA projects.  Some of the artworks are pulled from the web for reference purposes only.

If interested in working with Graffiti USA on an optical illusion mural, contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024.