Pasadena Graffiti Artist for Hire

Pasadena graffiti artist for hire available for branded art commission walls. I am a local graffiti art expert in Pasadena, CA that has experience creating interior and exterior murals. My specialty is in the street art and medium of spray paint. However, I can also use traditional fine art brush methods if required. In addition, my background comes from a street artist college of design.  Therefore, it means that I am used to working on large scale walls in public spaces.

Pasadena Graffiti Artist Mural for Event

An interactive graffiti mural for photo ops at a Pasadena based music festival.

Pasadena Rose Bowl Custom Graffiti Canvases

We recently painted custom canvases to welcome the teams in the 2021 Rose Bowl.  However, this was the first time the Pasadena Rose Bowl was not played in our city.  Therefore, we painted the artwork prior to the game in Pasadena and had the canvases shipped to Dallas.  Hopefully, we can host the annual Rose Bowl game back home next year!

Pasadena Rose Bowl Graffiti Art

Pasadena Rose Bowl Graffiti Art

I have traveled the country painting murals and collaborating with other artists work. Today, I am based in Southern California near Los Angeles in the community of Pasadena. Firstly, my goal has been to establish a community and contribute to the arts locally. Secondly, I want to bring my national experience working with several public art committees across the country to my new home. Thirdly, my objective is to make new clients happy and help them make their vision come to life.

Nightline Office Mural in NYC

Customer satisfaction is on top of my list. However, when it comes to artwork it is very subjective. My clients have different tastes and my goal is to solve all the design problems tailored to individual preferences. In order to do this, I have created a streamlined creative process to make sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Pasadena Graffiti Artist - Fashion Shoot

Pasadena Graffiti Artist – Mural Services

I specialize in custom graffiti murals for events.  For example, we have created custom coloring murals where we allow the public and event attendees to collaborate on the artwork. As a result, this provides a fun and engaging form of entertainment for guests. Furthermore, we offer spray paint workshops that teach the public and corporate groups how to use spray paint to create branded art.  This form of team building is a great idea for company outings.

Coloring Mural in Pasadena, CA

Take a look at this local area code Los Angeles themed mural we recently painted in collaboration with AT&T.  We took iconic elements of LA and featured it with local area codes.  The client’s direction was to keep the photo backdrop design in shades of blue to match their branding.

Insurance, Protection and Guarantee of Work

Our Pasadena graffiti company is fully insured, and professional.  We have experience working with corporate clients from coast to coast.  In addition, we care a lot about the protection of your space prior to any interior spray painting.  We are called back too often to fix the mistakes of other artists who are careless spray painting indoors.  Our Pasadena graffiti company goes above and beyond when it comes to protection of your space!

In conclusion, if you’re ready to work with a local Pasadena graffiti artist, contact us at or call 310-853-8877.