What are mural painters in Las Vegas doing? Graffiti USA is here to let you in on their latest work!

This first photo may look a little warped. However, we needed to use a fisheye lens just so we could see all the detail in one frame. Interior office art combines the pride of the city with the values of the client. Therefore, our local Nevada artist painted this recreation of the Vegas strip, entitled “Passion”. Special thanks to Las Vegas Bariatrics for their support!

In the third photo, mural painters in Las Vegas created this small piece of interior art for Champion. Smaller projects like this work perfectly for corporate events, even festivals! For example, the fourth photo shows how our murals act as backdrops for selfies, professional photo shoots, and more.

Cityscapes are very popular pieces of artwork clients ask us to create for them. In these situations, mural painters in Las Vegas want to provide their own personal touch to the artwork. The fifth photo shows the hand-painted details of the Vegas skyline. The client loved how it connected themes of success with a one-of-a-kind illustration of the town they call home.

Finally, we helped create temporary artwork for JBL Speakers. Without the orange and purple geometric shapes on the protective plastic, this exhibit would have been far less of an attraction. We were happy to provide something that helped draw attention, even if it only existed for the day.

Mural painters in Las Vegas are still available for hire! If you like what you see, please contact Graffiti USA today for a consultation.

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Las Vegas Graffiti Mural