Our graffiti for hire company connects authentic & experienced graffiti artists with clients to make their vision come to life. We specialize in large scale art murals that are painted on interior and exterior walls. The team is skilled creating graffiti and street art with either brush or spray paint applications. As a result, we actually paint more interior artwork such as corporate office murals than most people expect. Being a graffiti artist for hire company, we have a huge roster of professional graffiti artists with a wide range of abilities. Therefore, we can help with jobs whether it’s realistic graffiti art or graphic cartoon styles of wall murals.

Comedy Central Mural Painted for Workaholics - Graffiti for Hire

Workaholics Spray Paint Mural

Our street art agency was originated in New York City but since then we have expanded across the country with muralists for hire artists available even in Los Angeles, California. For instance, we have created murals with a team of street artists in states like Florida, Texas and Illinois. The graffiti murals that we paint bring a lot of value to clients. Firstly, we make sure to ask the right questions to align with our clients’ goals. Secondly, we assess how the right artist can organically connect with the client. Thirdly, we match the right artists w/ complimentary aesthetics to the particular project. Finally, we follow through the project process from beginning to end to make sure you have a flawless customer experience.

Graffiti for Hire Proceeds – Yearly Scholarship Program

We believe in our graffiti & street art roots so much that a portion of our proceeds go to a yearly Klughaus graffiti scholarship. Our goal is to give back to the graffiti community and give the youth an opportunity to pursue a career path that we did’t have available when we were young. As a leading graffiti company with muralists for hire, we are very proud of where we came from. It’s possible to learn many type of painting techniques in art school. However, institutions do not formally teach spray paint art. Graffiti artists pass on traditions and techniques via informal apprenticeships. Graffiti art is a skilled craft that’s passed on from generation to generation.  As a result, we want to preserved the art form and make sure that it’s respected.

Graffiti for Hire - BCG Office Mural

BCG Office Mural in New York City

Additional Mural Services

In addition to our permanent graffiti for hire mural services, we also offer temporary art for events. Examples of this include live art for activations as performances as well as interactive art. Some of the interactive art includes giveaways, customization and even touch activated sound murals. We also host street art workshops that give the public an opportunity to try spray painting graffiti themselves! It’s not often that people get to practice using spray paint and we love how fun these team building events can be!

Spray Paint Team Building

Other graffiti for hire projects include connecting clients with famous graffiti artists for productions in TV, Film and Commercials. For example, we provided graffiti artist talent for Gap commercial shoots as well as co-branded advertising campaigns. Some of the advertising campaigns that we work on include outdoor murals that serve as media buys. We partner with various media companies to provide temporary wall space for artist featured mural projects. Finally, we can even create digital graffiti designs for projects that involve licensing artwork for various needs. As you can see, we offer a wide range of services surrounding the culture of graffiti and street art.

chalk mural on floor

If you are an artist looking to work with our team, we always welcome new applicants. Take a look on our contact page and fill out our new artist application.

In conclusion, if you are looking to work with an authentic and leading graffiti muralist for hire company, Graffiti USA is your best choice. Our years of experience and vast portfolio of past projects are a perfect example of why we are the best graffiti company! If you are ready to collaborate on a muralist for hire project, e-mail us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call us at 646-801-6024.