Street art workshops and graffiti team building events hosted by Graffiti USA. Our team of professional street artists host graffiti and street art events for corporate outings. The graffiti workshop teaches everyone how to use spray paint to create large scale murals. No artistic background is necessary for our street art hands on lessons. These workshops are great for beginners with no experience to amateur graffiti artists. Over the years, graffiti and street art simple scrawls have evolved into detailed mural compositions. Once a controversial art form, spray paint is not widely accepted as a new medium and pieces large scale are much easier to accomplish with this tool.

While our street art workshop company is based in New York City, we have hosted workshops throughout the country. Firstly, our host does an introductory understanding of graffiti art and its evolution. Secondly, we go over some painting techniques and theories using the medium of spray paint. Thirdly, we let you become the artist yourself by working in teams to execute a large scale mural. Finally, we can add the option of judging the best team to win prizes.

Team Building Street Art Workshop in Brooklyn

Graffiti Workshop – Traditional Lettering

In addition to the street art workshop, we can offer a small lesson of how to paint traditional graffiti lettering. Everything including tags & small throw ups to medium detailed mural work. We take on volunteers who are ready to participate with a hands on experience. Sometimes, we can include a walking tour of local graffiti and street art depending on the neighborhood where the graffiti workshop is located. Past locations where this worked out perfect include Bushwick, NY and Wynwood in Miami.

Being that not many people have the chance to try using spray paint to create freely on a large scale, participants end up having a blast. The street art workshops are a great corporate work outing idea that stands out from other cliche events. Make a memorable impact with your team as an ice breaking activity. All of our workshops are custom tailored to fit our client’s needs. Generally, they vary from 1-3 hours but we can extend them as needed.

Street Art Workshop - NYC

Past Street Art Workshop Events

E & J Gallo Corporate Team Building – Nationwide Street Art Workshop Competition

One of the most memorable street art workshop series that we hosted was with the wine company E&J Gallo. We activated a series of workshops across the country in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and more. For these workshops, we worked with the client on a design and sketched it all out in black and white prior to the event. From there, we split everyone into teams and educated them on how to use spray paint and various stencils to try to mimic the artwork while giving them some creative freedom. At the end, we judged the best team based on teamwork, creativity and execution. The winning teams won prizes given out by the company. The client had a blast and couldn’t recommend these workshops enough!

Creative Art Workshop in Los Angeles

Sometimes, clients that already have a creative team want more freedom to work independently. In Los Angeles, we worked with Riot Games to host a workshop where we set everyone up with all the supplies needed to create their own pieces that they could keep after the event. Our street art workshops provide protective gear for participants including gloves, masks, aprons and shoe covers. Consequently, people can come as they are from the office without needing to dress for the occasion. After we taught the teams how to use water based spray paint, we gave them all the supplies to create their own small murals with stencil supplies and tape. Finally, each team had the chance to present their artwork to the whole group.

Individual Canvases & Stencil Workshop in Chicago

For large corporate groups that are looking to take home individual pieces of artwork, we offer stencil and canvas street art workshop lessons. All of the participants are setup at stations with the materials needed to create a smaller canvas using spray paint and stencils. Our professional graffiti artist hosts teach everyone the process of cutting stencils and how to apply it with spray paint. This particular group that we worked with in Chicago was extremely talented! Luckily, the weather cooperated with us and we were able to do this workshop outdoors. However, we also use water based spray paint for indoor art workshops if ever needed.

Teamwork Graffiti Workshop - Canvases

Kids – Collaborative Mural Workshop in Harlem

Our graffiti and street art workshops are not only for adults. Therefore, we have hosted events where we teach kids how to use traditional mediums like brush to help us in creating collaborative murals. In this case, we worked with the NYPD to host a community event for the 25th Precinct. As a result, finished mural now hangs inside the local precinct.  In the past, we have also worked with college and university students on graffiti lettering workshops as well. In conclusion, check out the project that we did with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Corporate Street Art Workshops – Tech. Companies

We hosted another collaborative graffiti workshop with the Google Inc. team in Los Angeles. These events are great ice breaking activities to get new employees to meet and interact with each other. For the workshop with Google, we provided the venue and custom canvases that the client was able to keep afterwards. Using a pre-outlined design as a base, the teams worked together to try to replicate a design while adding their creative flair. As a result, a fun time was had by everyone and we always love educating others on how to use spray paint to create art!

Spray Paint Workshop - Google Inc.

Google Street Art Workshop in Los Angeles

Outdoor Miami Graffiti Workshop

Finally, we hosted an outdoor graffiti workshop in the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami. With all of the local street art, it gave the opportunity for visitors to try spray painting themselves. We had a venue with a large private outdoor wall that we were allowed to temporarily paint for this project. Therefore, the client had the opportunity to get photos of all the finished work for participants to keep. For this project, we included a walking tour of local murals created with spray paint since there was so much art in the neighborhood. Finally, the participants had a new found respect for large scale murals created with spray paint.

graffiti workshop in miami

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