Another unique team building workshop with Graffiti USA!  We specialize in graffiti and spray paint workshops for corporate group events.  This time, we partnered with a small group from Google near their Los Angeles offices. Since team members came in from across the globe, they were unfamiliar with each other.  Google’s HR wanted something to get the group out of their shells and away from their typical work days.

Our team took Google’s subgroup Bling and their logo to incorporate into two murals.  One was themed around LA beaches and hills and the other one focused on graffiti urban culture.

The group was extremely zealous about their newly learned tips and techniques to aerosol while filling in their team’s outlined designs, and also utilizing the free wall to explore their own inner creativity. It’s always fun seeing a group trying something new and bonding over the experience!

Unique Team Building Workshop

Unique Team Building Workshop

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