Graffiti USA works with the best professional graffiti artists for hire. As an artist owned agency, we have years of experience creating graffiti art murals with spray paint. We specialize in everything from corporate office murals to large scale outdoor murals.  For instance, exterior murals can serve the purpose of temporary advertising campaigns. We started as a street artists working 9-5 jobs as graphic designers.  After years in the corporate world, we decided to pursue our passion to do something that we love.

Professional Graffiti Artists - Office Mural

Graffiti Mural in Atlanta, GA Office Space

The roots of our graffiti street art company started as a physical gallery space in New York City that was called Klughaus. We used to be a traditional gallery whose main business was selling a piece of art.  All of our artists had roots in graffiti and street art culture. From there, we evolved into a mural agency specializing in graffiti wall art. Today, we work with some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists from Los Angeles to Chicago. Our goal as a trend setting company is to push the limits of wall murals and partner with some of the best professional graffiti artists working today.

NY Office Mural - Professional Graffiti Artists

New York Agency Office Graffiti Mural

Professional Graffiti Artists Protect The Work Space!

One of the main reasons why we consider ourselves professional graffiti artists is because of our dedication to protecting the working space. Firstly, we protect the entire floor, adjacent walls and ceilings.  Secondly, we create a dust barrier to protect the surrounding areas from overspray.  Finally, we try to use water based spray paint which is less toxic and better for the environment.  This is especially useful for interior murals to cut down on the fumes.

Protection of Office Space for Graffiti Installation

Graffiti Mural Protection & Preparation

Graffiti Company Services

We offer a lot more than just a regular mural company. For example, we offer painting workshops for corporate outings. These are great team building event ideas hosted by professional graffiti artists. In addition, we specialize in live art for events. Our company is a one stop shop that provides temporary walls for events in addition to the street artist talent. The live art performance attracts a lot of attention at conventions and trade shows. Finally, there are a lot of interactive graffiti activations that we can offer. These unique events include touch activated sound murals, coloring murals, and giveaway walls.

Las Vegas Graffiti for Lexus Marvel Collaboration

Marvel x Lexus Activation

Here’s a video about our mural company:

In conclusion, if you are looking to partner with us on a mural project, please send us an email at or give us a call at 646-801-6024.  We would love to hear about your project and hopefully collaborate with our professional graffiti artists!