We hosted another Miami street art workshop focusing on a graffiti team building event.  This time, we collaborated with FLIR, the world’s largest commercial company specializing in the design and production of thermal imaging products.  We hosted a large team-building graffiti group workshop. The client had leading representatives from across the globe coming together for an annual business meeting. FLIR was looking for an activity that would be engaging, unfamiliar, and exciting.  We had the perfect event for this group of predominantly left brained individuals!

We setup at the Four Seasons hotel in Miami.  There was initially some concern about spray painting indoors.  However, our team completely protected the Grand Ballroom for our indoor street art workshop. We split the group into five teams to work on large murals. The theme of the conference was “BE FLIR.”

Our team created a custom design considering FLIR’s four brand values. “Be Ready, Be Ambitious, Be Bold, and Be Brave.” In addition, we added various customer industry references to the artwork.  These included law enforcement, search and rescue, fire fighting, and military services. Finally, we included the client’s brand representation across the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

Our team’s creativity and our attention to detail impressed the client.  We have high standards for the protection of venue and guests which made the venue feel comfortable.  We kicked off the event by providing a tutorial to the participants.   After that, we gave artistic guidance to the participants.  All of the participants were engaged and had a lot of  fun.  In conclusion, this was a successful workshop and truly enjoyable experience for everyone!

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