. LA team building event with an amazing group of creative and talented employees from Riot Games. We hosed a graffiti & street art workshop in Los Angeles, CA at a venue we provided. Typically we would guide the client with a predetermined design for them to paint.  However, the client wanted to give total freedom to the participants to come up with their own concepts. We provided all the materials needed including canvases, water based spray paint, nozzles, protection and stencil making materials.

After our hosts demonstrated some tips and tricks with spray paint, the teams had about 15 minutes to come up with a plan and execute their design over the course of 2 hours. Our guests had a lot of fun during this workshop. Furthermore, we were impressed by the quality of the art.  This was especially true for first time spray painters!

LA Team Building Workshop - Graffiti Artist Host

Graffiti & Street Art Workshop in Los Angeles

Our professional graffiti host talked about the history of the art form and how to use spray paint.  We use water based low odor spray paint for these LA team building events.  With smaller groups like this, we did not need to use any microphones and speakers.

Interactive Graffiti Workshop with Spray Paint

LA Team Building Event for Street Art

Tech. Corporate Outing - Team Building Workshop


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