Street art murals are a perfect solution for small businesses, as well as corporate offices these days. We work with the best graffiti artists & street artists working on commissioned murals nationwide. Because we’re constantly making new artwork, let’s take a look at some of our latest work!

We took this photo of one of our artists walking away from a recently finished mural in order to examine it at a distance. The phrases in each corner of the mural are movie titles released in theatres at the time. Not only did the client love the artwork, we also loved how the artist made something different in each corner of the wall.

Graffiti is unique in its gritty, no-nonsense attention to detail. That said, we were stunned by the greyscale mural our artist did as an anti-war piece! There are technically two human figures in the foreground. Look closer and see for yourself!

Street art murals are surprisingly versatile. Graffiti artists can replicate historical art styles, such as Japanese art from the Edo period and Cubism from the 20th century. You can see examples of both in some of these photos.

Dentists’ offices are stressful for some people. We decided to help out an orthodontist by creating a visually engaging piece of interior art. Its light pastel colors, as well as its intricate shapes, provide patients with a more relaxing visit.

Finally, let’s talk about three-dimensional sidewalk art. This new style has taken off in recent years, thanks to the Internet! Luckily for us, we had a few street artists embrace the new trend early on. If you look for too long, you might just fall onto the upper deck of this schooner we painted.

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