Commissioning a mural painting in Portland Oregon no longer has to be a hassle. Graffiti USA specializes in interior office art, exterior wall art, live art events, and more! Oregon’s street artists are busy working on projects all throughout the Pacific Northwest. However, we recently collected these photos of some of their most recent work.

Portland graffiti artists love the idea of exposing colors and shapes in sterile environments. First, they created a geometrical patterned mural, using color alone to create distinct abstract objects. Afterwards, they outlined the mural with offwhite paint to create the illusion of torn wallpaper.

Mural painting in Portland Oregon often uses various phrases to draw attention to certain ideas. The next two photos are advertisements for A Tribe Called Quest’s final album, as well as a defiant civil rights non-profit operating in the area.

You may have seen “Greetings From…” murals in many cities and towns, maybe even your own. That’s us! Bumbershoot is a festival that takes place in Seattle every year. Therefore, we created a cityscape on the left-hand side and a landscape of Mt. Rainier in the right-hand side.

Mural painting in Portland connects closely with mural painting in Seattle. The final two photos focus on some long-lasting Puget Sound traditions. First, fans of the Seattle Seahawks love hosting events during the football season. Two, attendees of the Special Olympics love seeing community members come together for a good cause. Both the artworks our artists created fit the bill perfectly!

Because Graffiti USA works all over the Northwest, check out our other photo album here. If you like what you see, then you should contact us today for a consultation!

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