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Live Graffiti for Events & Activations

Struggling for event ideas for your next media event, brand activation, conference, or party? There’s great news! Graffiti Arts offers custom live graffiti for events. Let your guests relish in the experience of a live graffiti art event in person, in real-time.

We truly understand the importance of communication, reliability and professionalism. Such an understanding can only come after completing hundreds of marketing activations and live parties. Our way of creating a live event requires premium interactive experience of graffiti and street art, as well as a streamlined process to keep it all together.

Are you taking a creative approach to commercial event or are you simply featuring an artist for their personal style? Regardless, our staff can execute the goals and aesthetic of your brand in a matter of hours for your guests. Interestingly, this makes for perfect content for social media and media outreach for multi-tiered creative marketing campaigns. So if you need an event to make an impression, this is the way to do it!

DKNY Spring 2013

Street art and fashion collaborated during NY Fashion Week.  We worked with DKNY on their 25th Anniversary.  Firstly, they decided to go back to the brand’s roots in the 80’s.  [...]

F5 Agility Conference

Live graffiti performance on stage for a technology conference.  We painted a live mural for the F5 Agility conference in New York City.  (F5 delivers world-class performance, security, and cloud [...]

Kobo Live Event

Chelsea NY Graffiti Artist for hire.  Kobo reached out to us to do some live artwork for "The Written Word" event held at Gun Bar.  The venue was located in [...]

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