Portfolio of Graffiti, Street Art & Mural Projects

Welcome to our portfolio of past projects. We are a mural company with hundreds of projects completed across the country. As a result, there’s many different graffiti styles and mural examples to browse through in our portfolio.

Our work examples are all unique and custom created for our clients. In addition, our past projects are also broken down further by categories in separate portfolios. Sort our projects by events, officesworkshops, etc. using the portfolio menu above.

We are deeply involved in the graffiti culture with years of professional experience dealing with clients. Above all, our vast portfolio speaks for iteslf.  We can also consult on an artist feature if you are looking to work with specific artists!

Live Event Ideas

Live Event Ideas - Look no further! We partnered with one of our favorite clients New Balance, to create an engaging mural. We painted an interactive photo op at the [...]

Motorcross Live Art

Whoever thought that motorcross and live art would come together like this? It's not every day you see a professional street artist tagging right outside a racetrack. However, it's [...]