Graffiti and street art workshops are now hosted by Graffiti USA nationwide! Our team provides an all-in-one solution for company teambuilding exercises, as well as creative development.

Art workshops range anywhere from watercoloring on canvas to sidewalk chalk on the pavement. Graffiti USA combines the art studio with the street to create a unique event opportunity for businesses and their employees.

Our graffiti artists become teachers for a day, as they guide participants through the process of creating street art. To start, classes begin with each student working on their own small canvas. Introducing graffiti in this way is important, because it helps students get a feel for the tools they will be using.

Afterwards, students can take the lessons they’ve learned and apply them to the creation of a mural. However, the idea is not to create a centralized concept of what the wall art should be. Rather, the idea is to allow each student to add their own elements to the artwork and see what comes of it. The images below illustrate how students go from novices to journeymen in street art, all within the course of a few hours!

What makes art workshops so valuable is that it develops individual creative skills, while simultaneously strengthening team dynamics. It’s a fantastic chance for non-profits, ad agencies, and tech companies to come together and work on something unique!

Need help bring your company closer together? A graffiti and street art workshop might be the solution you’re looking for! If you want to schedule one in your area, contact us by email or by phone, and we’ll come up with a plan specifically for you.

Chicago Graffiti Workshop

graffiti workshop in miami

Street art workshop outdoor mural

Teambuilding exercises

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All photos shot by Los Angeles Event Photographer Lisa Beggs.