Art team building is the perfect activity for your company outing. Our street art workshops and graffiti workshops are a unique and fun activity for company events.   Most team building exercises that involve works of art are limited to small teams because of the canvas size. However, our graffiti workshops allow more people to work together to create large pieces from a blank canvas.

Prophecy Workshop in Chicago for E&J Gallo Winery

Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti team building events incorporate problem solving while letting participates unleash their creativity. As a result, we enable team members to work together as a team to achieve their goals. Furthermore, this acts as a great team bonding experience as an ice breaker. Our workshops can be tailored to your time frame of a few hours to a full day. In addition, we can host the workshops in an indoor conference room or a large venue outdoors.

When it comes to hosting indoor graffiti art team building, we are very careful to protect the space where the event happens. In addition, we use water based spray paint that’s low odor and safe for indoor environments. However, we do recommend high ceilings or some ventilation if there’s a lot of participants. In the past, we have hosted spray paint art events at high end hotel conference rooms like the Four Seasons.

Art Team Building – Groups

Our workshops start with a 15 minute presentation about spray paint and how it’s used as a new medium to create murals and street art. From there, our team building activities include a demonstration of tips and tricks with spray paint. After that, we have the teams compete in trying to replicate an existing design. Finally, they are judged on teamwork, creativity and execution. We can also work with you to provide prizes to winning teams.

graffiti workshop in miami

Individual Canvases & Stencil Art Workshops

The example above is only one version of our art team building workshop. Similarly, we can offer a collaborative large scale mural that the entire team works together on. In addition, we can host a street art workshop where everyone works on their individual canvases with custom cut stencils. Therefore, they are able to take home their own pieces as gifts after the event.

Chicago Graffiti Workshop

What’s Included in the Team Building Event

There’s a lot of equipment and supplies to factor into street art workshops. For instance, we include water based spray paint cans based on how many teams and colors the designs involve. Secondly, we provide protection like gloves, aprons, masks and shoe covers so that participants don’t need to dress for the occasion. Thirdly, we build out custom canvases and flats for the temporary walls that people will be spraying on. Fourth, we include all kinds of tools like stencil kits, nozzles, paper, pencils and tape to help create the artwork with. Finally, we full cover the space with plastic and floor/wall protection prior to participants arriving.

A common addition to art team building events is a tour of nearby street art or graffiti. However, this solution is only ideal if we are hosting the workshop in an area with existing murals. For example, this is a great idea for workshops in Wynwood, Miami or Bushwick, Brookklyn where amazing street art is only steps away.

Past Art Team Building Workshops

We worked with FLIR to provide an art team building experience with their sales employees. Our team created a custom design considering FLIR’s four brand values. “Be Ready, Be Ambitious, Be Bold, and Be Brave.” In addition, we added various customer industry references to the artwork. These included law enforcement, search and rescue, fire fighting, and military services. Finally, we included the client’s brand representation across the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

We educated the participants on how to use spray paint and then we let them use spray paint to complete the murals in teams. We provided extra supplies that the  groups got extremely creative with to add to the artwork.

Miami Graffiti Workshop

Barcelona based fragrance and fashion company, PUIG, came to us to help celebrate the graduating class of their new employees. In order to create an art team-building activity while nodding to NY culture, we customized a graffiti workshop. There was a group of 36 participants who colored and filled in an original piece of artwork designed around the companies values. Workshop attendees learned the background to graffiti and tips and tricks of using the medium of spray paint.

Street Art Workshop

Limited Time to Host A Workshop?

Depending on the event and number of participants, sometimes cost and time plays a factor. As a result, we would suggest an interactive coloring mural wall. This is an alternative to a hosted workshop and lets people participate on their own. For instance, we paint the outline of a designed approved by the client. Furthermore, we supply paint markers for people to color the piece.  We wouldn’t need to provide a host if we went this route.  However, we can still provide staff to help engage people to participate.

Guest Coloring Wall Chicago

We have done similar activations and used paint brushes as well. There could also be a combination where an artist is painting live and inviting the public to help him or her fill in sections. As a result, this leads to a more controlled environment. In addition, the artist can help clean up the work so that it looks more professional in the end.

Picasso Street Art Mural

In conclusion, you can see that we are able to create various art team building experiences. Let us make a memorable impact with your employees or simply help break the ice. Our past clients say that it was the most unique company outing they have attended. Furthermore, the participants can’t stop talking about it afterwards. Check out our other past workshops in our portfolio and call us at 646-801-6024 when ready to work on an art team building project together!