A photo backdrop wall build out for an event in Los Angeles, California. Our client was looking for a photo studio backdrop idea for a private event during the 2019 ESPY Awards. As a result, we custom built a diy photo backdrop but a professional photographer was also on site for photo shoots.

Instead of a cheap paper backdrop, we constructed seamless temporary walls and a floor. In addition, everything was painted in shiny gold color. Furthermore, we included some gold steps for people to sit/stand on. Finally, we incorporated a LED lighting strip that ran across the top of the wall.

This custom built photography background was painted gold for a reason. The event in Los Angeles was actually Lindsey Vonn’s retirement party! As a result, the color could not be more fitting. We loved watching all of the guests using their phones on the diy photography backdrop. In addition, you can see some of the professionally shot photos of Lindsey and her friends below.

Photo Backdrop Walls

When it comes to building photo backdrops, the ideal width is about 8 to 12 feet and at least 8 feet tall. Because of that, you can try to fit multiple people in the image. In addition, we build out backdrops to be seamless so it’s as clean as possible.

We’ve done a lot of backdrop walls for music festivals with artwork painted on it.  In addition, we can add faux skin as cinderblock texture or even brick walls for events.  Furthermore, we can include removable items on the wall that can be taken right off the wall as gifts!

Custom Fabrication for Events

We are more than a mural company that just does photo backdrop wall builds. For example, browse our past fabrication portfolio to see all of the custom builds we have done in the past. In addition, we can add custom artwork which is our specialty. If you are looking to work with us on a fabrication project, shoot us an email at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024.

Gold Photo Backdrop Wall Build

Gold Photo Wall for Lindsey Vonn in LA

LA Backdrop Wall Build